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SDCC 2019: Shudder's Creepshow Reboot Gets Ghoulishly Fun First Trailer

The most fun you'll ever have being scared.


The first trailer for the upcoming Creepshow TV series has been revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. The show is based on the classic 1982 anthology movie, which was directed by George Romero and written by Stephen King, and it will hit the horror streaming platform Shudder in September.

The trailer suggests that the makers have gone back to the original film and produced something that fits in with its visual style and comedy/horror tone. There will be 12 individual stories spread across six episodes, and while the trailer mixes them all up, it looks like huge fun. In particular it seems to retain the movie's bold, comic book-inspired visuals and there are some impressive physical make-up effects in there--which is to be expected given the showrunner is VFX legend Greg Nictereo. Check the trailer out below.

Creepshow will premiere on Shudder on September 26. The episodes include include "The Finger," written by The Crow's David J. Schow, "The House of the Head," from Birdbox author Josh Malerman, and "Gray Matter," based on a Stephen King story. At the SDCC panel, Nicotero revealed that unlike many shows released in one go onto streaming services, episodes of the new Creepshow will be released weekly.

Nicotero also spoke about how the original Creepshow was the first movie set he ever visited, and how Romero's daughter Tina had come to see him shooting the new version, and told him that the legendary director would've loved it. In addition, fans should look out for Easter Eggs throughout the series that tie back into the movie.

Nicotero is also known for directing many episodes of The Walking Dead, and that show featured heavily on Friday at SDCC. The first trailer for the upcoming Season 10 was released, and it was announced that three movies focusing on Andrew Lincoln's character Rick Grimes will be getting full theatrical releases. Check out all the other San Diego Comic-Con news on GameSpot here.

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