SDCC 2018: The Predator Gets Creepy SDCC-Exclusive Poster And A New Image

Hope you don't have trypophobia.


An exclusive poster for The Predator was just released at the Predator presentation in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con. The poster depicts the face of a Predator composed mostly of human skulls. It's pretty creepy. We also got a better look at the Predator in another image, which you can see further below.

As always, Hall H contains Comic-Con's largest stage. It's where the biggest announcements happen, and with Marvel's Cinematic Universe deciding to take the year off it's provided a platform for smaller franchises, like Predator, to shine. The Predator director Shane Black and cast members Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Jake Busey, Thomas Jane, and Augusto Aguiliera hosted a Thursday morning panel in Hall H to present the new poster and talk about the film.

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According to Comic Book Resource, Black used the panel to reveal that The Predator is a blend of the craze around both the original Alien and Rambo during the 1980s. The Predator is not a reboot, and will build on the lore already established in the Predator franchise. Of course, this means The Predator takes place in the same universe as the Alien movies, but Black said that there won't be any specific callouts or references to the characters and plot lines from the Alien franchise.

The Predator will once again pit members of the human race against the group of alien invaders that live for the hunt. Not all of the Predators are on the same side this time around though. Black says that this time, the Predators are at odds with one another, as some of them believe it's time they take a more aggressive approach to hunting humans and begin "roiding" up with gene splicing to kill more efficiently.

The Predator takes place after every Predator and Alien film as the most recent story in the franchise, and Black maintains that a future Alien vs. Predator movie isn't out of the question.

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