SDCC 2018: In Arrow Season 7 Trailer, Oliver Is Living The American Nightmare

Stephen Amell and Cody Rhodes' rivalry continues.


CW's Arrow is returning for a seventh season this fall, and at San Diego Comic-Con, fans got a sneak peek at what's happening to Oliver Queen this year. During the Arrow panel, lots of information was revealed about returning characters, new villains, and and how Ollie's world is being turned upside down.

In the new video, which you can see above, Oliver Queen is doing some time in Slabside Maximum Security Prison but old foes are resurfacing. Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), Derek Sampson (Cody Runnels), and Danny Brickwell (Vinnie Jones) are making Queen's stint in the clink tougher than it needs to be. These are all villains Arrow put in prison, and of course, they're going to try and get revenge in any way possible. "One scene in the premiere, what Oliver does is reprehensible," star Stephen Amell explained during the panel. He went on to say he hopes fans hate what he does.

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Additionally, a group of villains whose main purpose is to take down Arrow emerges in this season. They're called The Longbow Hunters, and the team is made up of Red Dart (Holly Elissa), Kodiak (Michael Jonsson) and Silencer (Miranda Edwards). This team is recruited by Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), who wants revenge after Arrow took him down in Season 6. Terror is coming from all sides for Arrow and his companions this year.

This season will have a new shorunner, Beth Schwartz, who previously wrote episodes of Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Colton Haynes, who plays Roy Harper on the series, said that Schwartz is putting the best spin on the show since the series began.

We'll find out if Oliver survives prison when Arrow returns to CW for Season 7 on October 15.

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