Scribblenauts studio nearly done with DS

5TH Cell cofounder describes upcoming game and Drawn to Life 2 as "last hurrah" on Nintendo's handheld, with focus switching to console games.


5TH Cell has made a name for itself developing distinctive DS games like Drawn to Life, Lock's Quest, and next month's anticipated Scribblenauts. However, in an interview for next week's edition of GameSpot's HotSpot podcast, 5TH Cell cofounder and creative director Jeremiah Slaczka said the studio plans to move away from Nintendo's popular portable and onto consoles once it's finished with its two current projects, Scribblenauts and the DS edition of October's Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.

Yes, that is an elephant firing a rocket launcher.
Yes, that is an elephant firing a rocket launcher.

"This is our big last hurrah for DS games," Slaczka said. "That's it for original stuff. We're now going to move on to consoles in the next year. We might still do DS; I'm not saying we're not going to [develop DS games]. But our focus is definitely going to be on console."

While Slaczka gave no indication as to what 5TH Cell wants to make for consoles, he did suggest that gamers haven't seen the last of Scribblenauts. When asked how he would turn the game into a franchise, Slaczka said there were "all kinds of cool things we could do with it" and pointed to Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter as an example of how 5TH Cell handles a sequel to one of its games. He also said not to expect farmed-out spin-offs of Scribblenauts like Drawn to Life: SpongeBob SquarePants Edition, which THQ made with Altron as the developer.

"We're definitely keeping it in-house for a while," Slaczka said. "I really like Scribblenauts and think there's a lot of potential there, so we'll see what happens."

For more from Slaczka, including the troubles of making Scribblenauts in a dozen different languages, check out the interview in the August 25 episode of the HotSpot.

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