Scribblenauts doodling again this fall

WBIE reveals follow-up to 5TH Cell's acclaimed DS puzzle-platformer expands with new adjective system this fall.


A critical darling ever since its 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo debut, 5TH Cell's Scribblenauts for the DS has also proven to be a commercial success, having sold more than 1 million units since its December launch. With that kind of reception, it's no wonder that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has commissioned 5TH Cell for a follow-up. Today, WBIE announced that a new, as-yet-untitled Scribblenauts game will arrive for the DS this fall.

The original Scribblenauts taught us that a griffin and a guitar can pretty much take you everywhere.
The original Scribblenauts taught us that a griffin and a guitar can pretty much take you everywhere.

Like the first installment, the next Scribblenauts game sees players solving puzzles by summoning thousands of different objects and creatures, all of which work more or less as they do in real life. The game again focuses on the pursuits of Maxwell as he attempts to acquire each level's "starite." According to the publisher, Scribblenauts' follow-up will feature all-new puzzles as well as redesigned levels.

5TH Cell will be expanding its word summoning formula in the new game with the addition of an adjective system. With adjectives, players can modify the color, size, elements, and behaviors of the summoned objects. The publisher notes that changes made to creatures or objects are cumulative.

Beyond the Scribblenauts follow-up, 5TH Cell is actively engaged in working on a "pretty big" project for Xbox Live. The Bellevue, Washington-based development house had previously said that it intended to shift its development away from the DS and toward console development. Notably, 5TH Cell will be discussing just that topic on the first day of the 2010 Game Developers Conference tomorrow, and GameSpot will be on hand to cover it.

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