Screen Tear: The Video Game Clip Show - Episode 2

We have an insane Minecraft Portal mash-up, a nude Saints Row rampage, Mario on an awful date, and a creepy Japanese trailer for the pervy Move game Gal Gun.


Screen Tear is GameSpot's brand-new show starring Carlos Rodela who stars as our host, curator, and finder of online video gems. Every Friday, he will be bringing you the newest, most awesome, funniest, weirdest, and dumbest video game clips from the past week and squeezing them all into an easy to digest five-minute show.

In this week's episode, we get an awesome Minecraft and Portal mash-up, a naked person runs down a street waving a sex toy around, Pikachu gets angry, some painful game FAILS, and a creepy Japanese TV ad for a PlayStation Move title.

If you want to check out the clips from this episode in their entirety, here are the links.

Amazing Minecraft Portal mash-up. Incredible!

EgoRaptor's Saints Row 3 nude rampage

Oldie but goodie: PokeAwesome!

Mario's awful date

Endless Mario loop: Soup Mardo Gehlex

FAIL Number 1: GTAIV nuts

FAIL Number 2: Powerful fence from Flatout

FAIL Number 3: L.A. Noire

Japanese trailer for crazy anime schoolgirl upskirt PS Move game Gal Gun

Stop! He's already dead

If you would like to see your video featured in a future episode of Screen Tear, you can message us on Twitter @GameSpot, or you can message Carlos directly @onawa.

This is just our second episode, and we've already been paying very close attention to comments and feedback from you all. We want to make this an entertaining show that celebrates the creativity and diversity of content that people are making about video games. If you enjoy it, please head over to our YouTube page where the video lives to like it and favorite it.

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