Screen Tear: Episode 8 - Minecraft Hunger Games

The Hunger Games in Minecraft, Hitomi's boobs, Francis reacts to the Mass Effect 3 ending, plus a bonus Zelda moment.


Screen Tear is GameSpot's video game clip show, starring the magnificently chin-bearded Carlos Rodela, the man who watches way more silly YouTube videos than is healthy. Screen Tear hits the Tubes every Wednesday, and each week brings you the newest, funniest, weirdest, and most entertaining video game clips from the past week.

In this week's episode we celebrate the cultural significance of The Hunger Games, watch Internet-sensation Francis react to the Mass Effect 3 ending, ponder Hitomi's boobs, and enjoy a Zelda sex scene.

If you want to check out the clips from this episode in their entirety, here are the links.

The Hunger Games (A Minecraft Movie)

The Hunger Games in Minecraft

Hitomi's boobs are bigger in DOA 5

Ninja Gaiden Showdown

Francis' ME3 Ending Reaction


How I got through Dark Souls

Raccoon Willie: I hate you!

Bonus Item! Zelda sex

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We've been paying very close attention to comments and feedback from you all so far, and we want to continue to make this a truly kick-ass show that celebrates the creativity and diversity of content that people are making about video games. If you enjoy it, please head over to our YouTube page where the video lives to like it and favorite it.

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