Screen Tear: Episode 6 - Mario Portal, Commercials, and Epic Fails

We have Mario Portal, some epic physical fails, the Crabulator, a brief Fallout 4 clip (or is it?), and a dystopian future. With dancing. Gangsta-style.


Screen Tear is GameSpot's video game clip show featuring our thuglike host Carlos Rodela: the man that watches way more silly YouTube videos than is healthy. Every Friday, he brings you the newest, funniest, weirdest, and most entertaining video game clips from the past week and squeezes them all into an easy to digest eight-minute show.

In this week's episode, please enjoy a bunch of video game mash-ups, game commercials (both real and fake), and some truly epic FAILS.

If you want to check out the clips from this episode in their entirety, here are the links.

Mario Portals

Insane Xbox Commercial

Here's the actual commercial

The Crabulator!


Fallout 4 (probably not)

Wii Ski Jump goes wrong

Xbox Kinect = Fus Ri Dah

Hanging stuff on the wall

Mario Motorcycle Fail

The FP - Omega Gangsta

Bonus Item!

If you would like to see your video featured in a future episode of Screen Tear, you can drop a link in the comments below, message us on Twitter @GameSpot, or you can message Carlos directly @onawa.

This is episode six already! We've been paying very close attention to comments and feedback from you all so far, and we want to continue to make this a truly kick-ass show that celebrates the creativity and diversity of content that people are making about video games. If you enjoy it, please head over to our YouTube page where the video lives to like it and favorite it.

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