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Scream 6 Directors Break Down Killer Reveal And Movie's Ending

The Ghostface reveal in Scream 6 is one you're definitely going to be talking about, so we spoke to Scream 6's directors about it.


It's always good when there's a brand-new Scream movie in theaters and this weekend is no different. Scream VI is in theaters now, featuring Ghostface slashing his way around New York City, taunting the core four survivors from the last film--along with returning favorites Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere). And just like every other Scream movie, the unmasking of Ghostface in the movie's final act is as bonkers as you'd expect.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the end of Scream 6. If you've yet to see the movie, look away now.

Ultimately, it's revealed that the killers in Scream 6 were a family affair. More specifically, the family of one of the killers of Scream (2022), Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid). Richie's dad Wayne (Dermot Mulroney, brother Ethan (Jack Champion), and sister Quinn (Liana Liberato), have gone to extreme lengths to exact vengeance on the core four who survived the previous year's massacre. So extreme that the gang–and viewers in the audience–were convinced Quinn was dead earlier in the movie at the hands of Ghostface. It's all an elaborate ruse to allow them to carry out their carnage on the core four, though--especially Sam (Melissa Barrera), who was Richie's girlfriend and who, herself, is the daughter of original Scream killer Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich).

What's special about the killer reveal in Scream VI is that for the first time ever, there are actually three people behind the Ghostface moniker. In every previous movie, there have been two killers--except for Scream 3, which had a Ghostface working solo.

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Speaking to GameSpot about the Kirsch family's killer secret, co-director Tyler Gillett admitted that finding a killer for this film was a bit of a challenge.

"We knew that going into it that the who done it was going to be a bigger challenge with this one because the core four--the surviving members of of the last movie--and then, having Gale back that you likely weren't going to legitimately suspect any of those characters, which left fewer real suspects," Gillett said.

Ultimately they honed in on revenge as a motive for the killer, which definitely feels like a nod to Mrs. Loomis being a killer in Scream 2. From there, the focus became creating a memorable reveal for the ages. Cue the formerly dead Quinn (Liana Liberato) to make a hauntingly miraculous return, revealing who she really is.

"With fewer suspects, we had to find another way to kind of twist that reveal to make it even more interesting and more compelling and more surprising," Gillett continued. "And that was just one of the ingredients in that mix was adding a killer and, of course, a killer who we've taken off of the table with their death earlier in the movie [in Quinn]. That moment still, where the mask comes off and Quinn is underneath, it's like one of my favorites in the movie."

Ultimately, all three killers wind up dead, the survivors move forward, and will most certainly have to deal with yet another Ghostface whenever Scream 7 happens. Until now, though, it seems the Kirsch family is finally at rest, allowing Sam and Tara to thrive, if only temporarily.

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