Scrapland for Xbox goes gold

Junkyard murder mystery hits stores February 25; adds new targeting feature for the console version.


Scrapland for the Xbox has gone gold and will ship to stores February 25, publisher Enlight announced today. The Xbox edition is essentially the same as Scrapland's PC version, which was released in November, but it adds a lock-on targeting feature that makes combat less dizzying for console users.

The lock-on function works by pressing the left trigger button to lock the player's viewpoint to a particular target while maneuvering with the left analog stick. When a target is locked in, the player will be able to concentrate solely on combat. The function was designed to reduce the disorientation that some console gamers have during 3D combat games, Enlight said.

In Scrapland, developed by Mercury Steam, players assume the role of a robot named D-Tritus. When he winds up on a planet known to locals as Scrapland (its real name is Chimera), D-Tritus is hired as a journalist. Before long, he's drawn into a murder plot that requires players to solve the mystery so they can advance in the game. One of D-Tritus's abilities is to morph into 15 different appearances, including a banker and a drop-dead gorgeous woman.

Scrapland is the first title produced by well-known game developer American McGee. For more on the game, see our previous coverage, including our full review of the PC version.

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