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Scott Pilgrim 20th Anniversary Box Sets Are B1G1 50% Off This Week

Scott Pilgrim takes on the world again, this time in color for his 20th anniversary.


Scott Pilgrim's pair of 20th Anniversary box sets are only a couple months away. Announced last year, these hardcover sets are slated to arrive on August 20. There are two sets to choose from: a remastered version of the black-and-white original or a full color edition. But if you're a big Scott Pilgrim fan who doesn't want to make that decision, you could take advantage of Target's buy one, get one 50% off sale and get both (through June 15). Just sign up for a free Target Circle rewards account to secure the deal at checkout.

Target - B1G1 50% off


If the price drops at either Amazon or Target prior to release, you will only pay the lowest price offered since placing your order.

This is the first time Scott Pilgrim will be available in color. Admittedly, these six-volume sets are very expensive at $250 each. Amazon is offering a 10% discount on the color set. That said, you will save $125 overall if you buy both of them from Target. Alternatively, you could pair one of the sets with one of many other books as well as video games, board games, and more that are eligible for the promotion. A bunch of Stephen King and J.R.R Tolkien books are featured in the sale, including multiple upcoming collector's editions of Tolkien's most famous works set in Middle-earth.

Also, it has a PS2-style logo and that's just nice.
Also, it has a PS2-style logo and that's just nice.

Not only can Scott Pilgrim fans choose from a color or remastered black and white version of Scott's saga, but both box sets will include a number of extras as well. An exclusive compilation of "Making of Scott Pilgrim" comics, sticker sheet, and several mystery extras will be added to the collection, all of which ships in a box adorned with new art from O'Malley.

In case you missed the Edgar Wright film adaptation or the graphic novels, Scott Pilgrim tells the tale of Scott and his quest to win the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers. The only problem? Her seven Evil Exes, former partners of Ramona, who stand in his way. Along the way, both Scott and Ramona come to terms with their past as their relationship grows stronger and they become more mature.

If you're not quite ready to drop this kind of cash on some graphic novels, there is a more affordable alternative. You can get all six graphic novels in a slick paperback box set for $48. It doesn't have any of the extras that next year's deluxe release will ship with, but it does have a nice slipcase and cool cover designs.

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