Scooby Doo! Night of 100 Frights ships for GameCube

THQ announced the GameCube version of its Scooby Doo! game is now in stores.


THQ has announced that Scooby Doo! Night of 100 Frights for the GameCube is now in stores. The game is based on the classic cartoon TV series and features original characters as well as original voices, including the voice talents of Don Knotts, Tim Conway, and Tim Curry. The game itself is a platformer that puts players in the role of Scooby Doo as he travels through 12 stages in search of his missing friends--Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne.

The GameCube version will now be available alongside the PlayStation 2 version that has been in stores since May. To get a better idea of the game, check out our full review of the PlayStation 2 version.

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