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Sci-Fi MMO Dual Universe Gets PC Beta This August

Players will be able to play the Dual Universe PC beta this August, which will introduce a new subscription service.


GameSpot can exclusively reveal that Novaquark's sci-fi MMO Dual Universe will release a beta on August 27. You can head over to the game's official website to sign-up for the beta; it's worth pointing out that right now, Dual Universe is alpha testing, with players able to join simply by purchasing a key for $60, $120, or $180. Once players enter the beta, Dual Universe will begin the next phase of its development, using a new subscription model once it goes live.

Starting at a monthly subscription of $6.99, the beta will have a range of different pricing models. The three month subscription is set at $20.97, six months will be $38.45, and 12 months will be $69.90. CEO of Novaquark Jean-Christoph Baillie stated the following.

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“We’ve been working on Dual Universe for over four years, and after completing the foundation for all main gameplay pillars, we’re presenting a solid idea of what this unique game offers to players, and a fully playable game for Beta.” said Baillie. “This is a huge milestone for us, as it is the culmination of so much hard work from the developers and a direct result of the community’s commitment to improve the game. I’m incredibly proud of everyone involved.”

Currently, as of July 2020, pledging money to Dual Universe at one of the three alpha test pricing models nets you a variety of goodies ranging from guaranteed alpha and beta access with multiple keys (depending on tier), pets, in-game items such as outfits, and more. You can check out a new trailer below.

Alongside announcing the beta that will take place this August, Novaquark shared a cinematic trailer for Dual Universe. The trailer, below, details the game's lore. You play as a pioneer lucky enough to be drafted to restart humanity after Earth was deemed inhospitable and destroyed by a neutron star. Now you go around fulfilling the Rebirth Project, an effort to rebuild human civilization in a new solar system.

The studio also shared a series of official Dual Universe screenshots, showing off the Earth from orbit, various facilities and space stations, ships flying through the cosmos, and more. Check them out below.

Additionally, since Dual Universe is a sandbox that allows you to build your own environments and facilities, Novaquark provided a look at what communities can build within Dual Universe. Check them out below.

Dual Universe has been in development for several years now. It's a sort of hybrid game that combines the elements of EVE Online with the creation aspects of Minecraft.

Correction 8:15am PST: The Dual Universe beta will be released on the main site for the game, and not via Epic Game Store.

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