SCi to publish Rolling in Europe

Following the demise of Rage Software, SCi announces that it will publish the company's inline skating game in Europe.



Following the demise of UK-based Rage Software earlier this year, SCi has today announced that it will be publishing the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of Rolling in Europe later this year. Developed by Rage Software, the inline skating game was also scheduled for release on the GameCube and Game Boy Advance, but no news on the future of those two versions is available at this time.

The details of the publishing deal announced today have not been revealed, but SCi has released new information on the game, which will allow players to assume the role of one of 21 licensed skaters or create their own character. Rolling will feature more than 250 different tricks and 10 huge street levels on which players can attempt to perform them. The game will also feature four different competition events at licensed skateparks from the US and Europe, as well as a skatepark editor tool.

In addition to the non-inear, reputation-driven single-player game, Rolling will feature split-screen support for two players in a number of as-yet-undisclosed gameplay modes. The PS2 and Xbox versions of Rolling will be released in Europe later this year, although its future in North America--where the game was signed by Majesco last year--is currently uncertain. For more information on Rolling, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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