SCi signs Xbox Galleon

SCi announces that it will publish the Xbox version of Confounding Factor's Galleon early next year. New screens inside.



SCi has today announced that it has signed the Xbox version of Galleon from Interplay. The swashbuckling adventure game, which has been the subject of numerous delays, is nearing the end of its development at Confounding Factor and is now scheduled for release in spring 2004.

"After creating Lara Croft and having been the lead designer of the original Tomb Raider, I wanted to give birth to a completely new type of hero, and I came up with Captain Rhama," said Toby Gard of Confounding Factor. "I am delighted that gamers will soon be able to savor Galleon."

"It is tremendous to add Galleon to our stable of titles," added Dave Clark, marketing director at SCi Games. "Toby has had a very specific vision for this game, and finally gamers will be able to experience this."

In Galleon, players will assume the role of Captain Rhama Sabrier as he embarks on a quest through the islands of Akbah to unlock the mystery of an enchanted ship. The game has previously been confirmed for the PC, PlayStation 2, and GameCube, although no announcement concerning the future of those versions has been made at this time. For more information on Galleon, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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