SCi signs rights to Highlander game

The UK-based publisher will work with franchise creators to bring the property to the PC.



SCi Entertainment announced today that it has signed a deal to produce computer games based on the Highlander franchise. SCi will work with franchise creators Peter Davis and Bill Panzer to develop computer games set in the world of the popular film and TV series.

Highlander began life as a 1986 film starring Christopher Lambert and Sean Connery, and has since expanded to include three more films and a long-running television series. A successful trading-card game and large online fan base suggest that a video game version would be a good fit. While no details on the game's release window have been released, Davis and Panzer have said that they hope the game will be "an integral part" of the franchise's 20th-anniversary celebration in 2006.

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this will probably end up being a missed opportunity. I always wanted there to be a Highander game but i would've picked Bioware to do it. It would probably mean more for the player to create his/her own character and choose when and where to be born and so on. Maybe even an MMO would've done wonders for the franchise.

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company doesn't seem to have a good track record, does it. I wonder if this will be the first good game this companies ever made or end up like all the games they've made before it.

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I've been suggesting it as an MMORPG for years now, its almost criminal for the video game industry to ignore this project potential. The only problem is, if you want a project done right, you get the fans involved in the making of the game, once you let the developers slip their own ideas in there, you get someone trying to be creative that does more harm than good most of the time. I really hope they put this project together with the utmost patience and delicacy it deserves.

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A highlander MMORPG would be awesome indeed.

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i wish theyd hurry and bring this game out, im sick of waiting!!!.....oh, by the way...........THIS WOULD BE AN AMAZING PREMISE FOR AN MMORPG....bunch of immortal players running around doing quests and trying to kill eachother off in pvp areas......whoooooooo talk about a quickening........of my heart rate !!!!