SCi announces new publishing agreements

A North American publisher is picked for the next Conflict and Carmageddon titles; SCi properties to head to Gizmondo and mobile phones.


UK-based game developer and publisher SCi today announced three new publishing and distribution agreements that would see more of its popular games released in North America and on portable platforms. First and foremost, the Conflict: Vietnam creators revealed that "a leading US publisher" has been granted the North American rights to three of SCi's premier titles: the fourth game in the Conflict series, the next installment in the Carmageddon franchise, and Reservoir Dogs, based on the Quentin Tarantino film.

The name of the publishing partner was not revealed in today's press release, but given the hype surrounding the latest Conflict title, one good guess would be Vietnam publisher Global Star/Take-Two Interactive. Other North American publishers who have released SCi's titles in the past include Xicat and Gotham Games.

All three products will be published in North America by the end of 2006 on "multiple platforms," including the PC.

SCi also announced that it has signed an agreement with Gizmondo Europe to provide SCi titles for the new handheld platform, which will launch in the UK on October 29 and worldwide in 2005. Gizmondo will develop and publish 12 games based on SCi titles, including Carmageddon and Richard Burns Rally, for its all-in-one entertainment-oriented handheld.

Finally, SCi announced today that it will partner with Synergenix Interactive, a Swedish developer of mobile phone games, to release a number of SCi titles for mobile phones. The agreement is a continuation of an ongoing relationship between the two companies--Synergenix previously published the mobile version of SCi's Conflict: Vietnam, as well as other mobile versions of popular PC titles, including Colin McRae Rally 2004. Like Gizmondo, Synergenix will be responsible for the development and publishing of the titles.

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