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SCi acquires Pivotal Games

UK-based SCi announces that it has acquired the developer of The Great Escape and its Conflict Desert Storm series.


UK-based SCi has today announced that it has acquired the trade and assets of Pivotal Games from Ernst & Young, the receivers of Pivotal's parent company Kaboom Studios. SCi previously owned a 10 percent stake in the Conflict Desert Storm developer, which employs around 70 people, and will pay 2.36 million pounds ($3.89 million) for the company upon completion.

"Pivotal is a very successful and talented development house," said Jane Cavanagh, chief executive of SCi. "This acquisition is a very positive move for SCi, ensuring that we maximize the financial opportunity of the Conflict series. Our firm commitment to outsourcing remains, as it allows us to continue to deliver the best products and returns on our investment. For this reason Pivotal will continue to be operated as an independent studio."

Pivotal Games is currently working on finishing the third game in the Conflict series, which is based on the Vietnam War, and has just begun development on a fourth Conflict title. We'll bring you more information on the upcoming games in the Conflict series as soon as it becomes available.

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