Schizm goes gold

The German version of Project 3 Interactive's epic adventure game will be released in June, with a worldwide release scheduled for September.


Project 3 Interactive and LK Avalon have announced that their epic adventure game, Schizm: Mysterious Journey, has gone gold. The game will be released in Germany on June 15, and the worldwide release is scheduled for September. Schizm was developed primarily for DVD-ROM, although the game will also be released in an abbreviated version on a series of CD-ROMs.

The game is set in a space colony on a remote alien planet. Players assume the role of two members of a supply vessel sent from Earth to the colony. The previous inhabitants of the colony have mysteriously disappeared, and players must investigate the area to find clues. The game's nonlinear story was created in collaboration with Australian science-fiction writer Terry Dowling, and it takes players through a wide variety of prerendered 3D environments. Players simultaneously control the game's two main characters, who can explore the gameworld independently. In addition to a large number of environments, the game includes a number of animated cutscenes.

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