SCEI announces mobile PlayStation

Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. announced a mobile PlayStation unit, the PS One, in Japan.


With all the speculation as to whether or not Sony would enter the handheld market, the company came forth today in Japan to announce its PlayStation mobile unit, the PS One (SCPH-100). The reconfigured PlayStation weighs and measures in at about a third of the size of the first generation PlayStation and carries a similar calling card, with a 32-bit CPU, 2MB main memory, 8MB graphics and 4MB sound memory, with a 2x CD-ROM.

In addition to handling all of the current PlayStation's tasks, the PS One will also operate on a mobile network. The "mobile," however, currently only applies to the system's portability due to its smaller size since the mobile network cable won't be available in Japan until this winter. Once shipped, this adapter cable will be compatible with the current PlayStation, the PS One, and the PS 2 and will allow users to connect to cell phones, hence creating a market for downloading, browsing, and exchanging digital content with other users. SCEI said it plans to add additional server support to handle the projected demand the new system will potentially put on the company's networks.

The PS One unit at this point is essentially a smaller, cuter PlayStation that will likely grow into its potential when SCEI ships the liquid crystal display (LCD) monitor designed specifically for the PS One in Japan next spring. No price is currently available, however, this screen will allow for the portability the PlayStation just hasn't seen up until this point. Through use of an A/C adapter, you'll even be able to use your PS One in the car, while taking advantage of all the mobile networking features. This paves the way for such adaptations as GPS and Net browsing from your vehicle, although SCEI has yet to announce any such applications.

Like the PlayStation, the PS One will contain two memory card slots, two controller ports, and one audio/visual multicable output. The system will ship with one DualShock analog controller as well as an A/V cable and an A/C adapter. The PS One will hit stores in Japan on July 7, 2000 at a price of 15,000yen (approximately $145US).

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