SCEE confirms UK PSP Go games giveaway

Buyers of Sony's latest handheld offering will get 10 games free from June 9, including GTA: Vice City Stories and 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa.


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today confirmed that adults in Europe and the Middle East who buy a new PSP Go will be able to download 10 full games after June 9 from the PlayStation Network at no extra cost. The games are a mix of both first- and third-party titles. The offer will be available "for a limited time" and open to those who have purchased a PSP Go after April 1. Eligible users will receive e-mail vouchers from Sony when they register their PSP Gos on the PlayStation Network for the first time.

Perhaps a few more hands will find their way onto PSP Go systems with SCEE's latest offer.
Perhaps a few more hands will find their way onto PSP Go systems with SCEE's latest offer.

The offered titles range from GTA: Vice City Stories and Little Big Planet to Assassin's Creed Bloodlines and James Cameron's Avatar: The Game. Also included are Gran Turismo PSP, Motorstorm: Arctic Edge, Need for Speed: Shift, Wipeout Pure and Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice. The offer is only open to those over the age of 18, according to the publisher.

The PSP Go, which was officially unveiled at the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the first of Sony's PlayStation Portable family to eschew UMD-based software delivery for an entirely digital option. Sales, however, have not been boosted by the new hardware; PSP sales in total were down 30 percent year-on-year in 2009, with a mere 9.9 million units sold across the globe.

SCEA, the firm's American publishing arm, recently suggested that piracy was to blame for its lackluster performance abroad, with lack of support from US publishers also to blame. The system is performing better in Japan, with the PSP repeatedly topping the weekly hardware sales charts.

Full details on the promotion (including the countries where Sony is running it) are available from the company's Web site. SCEA had not responded to calls for comment as to a possible stateside extension of the offer as of press time.

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Avatar image for gbrading

SCEE knows how to tempt people.

Avatar image for zinoalex

Now that the Australian's are getting the same deal as the above we'll see if sales improve. I doubt it as this looks like a desparate attempt to lower inventory.If PSP2 comes out in the future I hope Sony listens to the gamers this time.

Avatar image for MagicOneUp

sony is trying desperately to clear its warehouse, next they'll be giving away free pspGo's... don't be fooled, psp2 is coming

Avatar image for DDR_Midian

It convinced me. Went out and got my Go this morning. First point: it's my birthday so I didn't pay, the extra cost doesn't matter. Second point: there's only one game I want to play that's exclusive to UMD and that's Crisis Core, the others are all downloadable. Ten free games coming my way!

Avatar image for mpeg3s

Know I refuse to buy unless we get the SAME deal!

Avatar image for hatieshorrer

Sony must be desperate to get ride of the PSP Gos but will the people in Europe and Middle East receive one game or all ten?

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

Even if they offered 100 free games with it... Still wouldn't change the uglyness of it, and no UMD drive still means half the games you want aren't available on it, lol.

Avatar image for demonic_85

So the U.S. gets 3 games while Europe gets 10? Yeah that's fair.

Avatar image for random-bob

I got a PSPgo bought for me for Day 1, and this announcement makes me soo glad I supported Sony right at the beginning... They really need to backdate this so everyone who bought one gets the free games.

Avatar image for wolfyrabbit

IMO, this strategy targets the ppl who don't have a PSP by encouraging them to buy a PSP GO. Since no one has cracked the system yet, these new owners of the GO might buy more games after the limited time 10 free dls. This, however, will not work on those who already cracked their psps because they can dl games for free anyway. Hope this works for ya Sony :D

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

@jamyskis Assassins Creed = 559MB. GTA VCS = 1.6GB. GT = 937MB. NFSshift = 880MB. Motorstorm = 525MB. Avatar = 516MB. WipeOut Pure = 156MB. Pursuit Force EJ = 839MB. LBP = 1.3GB. Total = 7.27GB out of 16GB available. That is for just 9 games out of 10. Check on the store first and then post.

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

@jamyskis Ah I'm going to jump in there. You can delete and download content from the PSN an unlimited number of times. You are just restricted to five SYSTEMS, not 5 downloads of a single piece of content.

Avatar image for timmerous

@jamyskis The limit of 5 downloads is in regard to the number of systems you can download the software to, not the number of times you can download it (which is unlimitted)......

Avatar image for leeko_link

wtf, only in Europe and the Middle East (where war still existed) but left out the rest of the world and to think I was planning to get the PSP Go a chance.

Avatar image for jamyskis

A little maths reveals that Sony is shooting itself in the foot with this by revealing a fundamental limitation of the PSP. A game is, on average, 1.0-1.5GB in size. That means 10 games would take up 10-15GB of the device's 16GB. Given that PSN only allows you to download the same game a limited number of times (I believe it's five times). So once you've downloaded your ten games, chances are that your flash memory is already full and you won't be able to buy much more without deleting older games.

Avatar image for James_Swift_Day

Next thing you know they'll be giving systems away for free! Actually... that would kind of make some sense.

Avatar image for hannagargour

I live in the Middle East and I can easily say that Piracy is RAMPANT over here! I actualy agree with sony's decision. Plus, I think that this is a great deal and a good incentive to buy the PSP go althoug the games offered are old and not very exciting!

Avatar image for thattotally

No one finds these to be crappy games? Did I just hear right, 4 racing games? Granted they're good games by themselves, ESPECIALLY if they're free, but certainly not for a PSP go.

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

Hmm... 190 quid, 16GB of internal flash memory, 10 top games. That is very tempting. I own a 3000 but I don't buy UMD's anymore as I always download anyway (I share my account with my bro so we pay half each). Plus my 4GB is almost up coz of all the comics I download.

Avatar image for dwoop

yet another reason why I don't buy Sony's crap...they always give their biggest fan base the least amount of extras or newest releases...screw u sony!

Avatar image for awesome

Dear Sony, Please can you release some tools to make the PSP Go hackable to run homebrew (Like all the other PSP models) & i will definately buy one... Im pretty sure a few millions others will too..

Avatar image for TTDog

@monson21502: Someone ought to give Sony ideas, because they seem to have totally ran out on the PSP side of things.

Avatar image for TTDog

Only one step away from begging people to play one... next they'll be offering the PSP for free or giving it away as a novelty gift in a cereal packet. Why can't Sony just admit they've screwed up royally on this one?

Avatar image for SIR-RAMBO-ROCKS

Did anyone in there right mind actually buy one of these things????? I literally saw one commercial for it a couple months ago, saw that they didnt add the 2nd analog stick or make any improvements, and dismissed it from my thoughts........

Avatar image for Gov1

Only reason your console is not selling is because you expect people to pay for games they already had. Don't try to make piracy a scapegoat for your pure greed.

Avatar image for TheDrunkenLord

I'll admit I'm kinda tempted by this kind of offer, seeing as I've still got my old dusty 1000. but I reckon I'll hold off. just imagine the giveaways Sony are gonna pull with the Go when they get really desperate...

Avatar image for scotwolf

what about all the people who already own a psp go. myself included can we get some games for free please?. i was given one for xmas and i do like it, the go is a great handheld. BUT!!! it has two main downfalls one the psp go console price and also the price of the downloadable games. many have already said about the price and that for not much more you can get 360/ps3 also why so much more expensive then normal psp. regards the games the downloadable games are too expensive compared to buying umd games i have seen many half the price in shops and online. drop the price,make the games affordable.this will increase console sales and increase revenue from its psn store also this would help reduce piracy. i have had a ds since japanese launch but was getting bored and i am loving the psp go so i am trying to give a honest balanced reason for the go's sales problems

Avatar image for NoDzombie

PSP Go is £200 and download only games PSP 3000 is £100 and has the option of downloading games or using UMD games so its twice the price and has less features, and they wonder why it didnt sell?????

Avatar image for El_guitar_man15

Ok, so i got the PSPGO this christmas, meaning im excluded from this offer. Come on Sony, this just aint right. You've got to look out for all your customers not just those "after April 1st". BS man.

Avatar image for wahyudil

psp go is no go

Avatar image for supreme_dar

lol blaming piracy and ds still is looking good. Yeah.... I don't think it's piracy, more like overpricing your product...

Avatar image for quiksurfer

psp is over s*ny just give us psp2

Avatar image for HappyBB

yeah yeah yeah, blaming on piracy again. It's the hardware that sux that's to blame.

Avatar image for chappy_man

I enjoyed my psp 1000 and might upgrade, but honestly the price of the Go is too high for me, I can buy a 360 or for 50 more dollars a PS3 slim.......... REALLY!!!!! I'd like the convenience of no disks but its just not practical for that price. Now if theyed offer up some free games or a way to import your previous UMD games for us long time buyers. Then I might reconsider.

Avatar image for DaIamar

Who needs PSP Go when Birth By Sleep is UMD-only?

Avatar image for monson21502

@RAGINGxPONY, LOL @ psp phone. please dont give sony any ideas:wink:

Avatar image for RAGINGxPONY

It's Obvious Sony is going to announce a new PSP at E3. Whether it be a totally new PSP or just another model(PSP phone maybe?). This is just clearing out stock. There is no other way they are going to give away 10 FREE games.

Avatar image for samuelcsmith

Sony should have seen that this system would bomb. They have less titles available online and they cost the same or more than the retail equivalent. Outside of these issues, the biggest failure for the PSP ,in general, is Sony's lack of support for it. I have to admit I love some of the games for the system (Resistance Retribution and GOW), but outside of GOW: Ghost of Sparta, I couldn't name one other game this year to get excited about. Sony, we are begging you to bring out a successor and focus on games. (I don't need to skype on my PSP that can barely stay connected to the internet through the crappy built-in WiFi.)

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Wow. Considering that the copyrights for some of these games may still be wholly owned by their makers, Sony will have to cut painful deals with them for customers to download these games "from the PlayStation Network at no extra cost."

Avatar image for psx_warrior

@gabsponge My girlfriend bought Avatar on blue-ray, and while it's not in 3d, she commented on how much better it looks on blue-ray than at the theater. Honestly, I have to agree. We do both love watching movies at the theater, but the picture quality just doesn't compare when you try to compare the theater to blue-ray. Besides, there have been plenty of 3d movies to come to dvd, anyway.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

The Europeans have lucked out this time. 10 games included with a new PSP go purchase! Or this could be a sign that the PSP go is really dying. Remember when the N.E.C Turbo Duo offered 1 CD rom and 5 Hu-Card games included when you purchased a new Turbo Duo. Six Pack-in games seemed like a great deal. But the System died shortly after. 10 "Pack in" games, er coupons to download PSP games... Could really mean that the PSP Go is just about to be "PSP Stop" Sony could be trying to dump the remaining Go's on the Europeans?

Avatar image for daabulls23

Whoa. That might help, but could you imagine sales of the 3000 if they offered this? That would be "WHOA!!!"

Avatar image for Talldude80

ok so the total of what you'd have to pay for those 10 games alone adds up! if they average $25 each, thats $250 right there. If they offered this deal for a psp3000 (and in the usa), i'd do it so i could give my psp2000 to my gf! but no, this is just a scheme to move the overstock of pspGOs. Sad sony sad! Just make up a story and recall the pspGo for "safety reasons". Then just release a psp2 or something.

Avatar image for brendanhunt1

well its an improvement

Avatar image for DeltaSpirit

I like the better portability the Go has but other than that It cost more, has a smaller game selection, same price for games, less deals which mean a price drop, plus free games would make me think about buying a Go (after E3 anyway) as of right now no thanks

Avatar image for thrasher510

WTF!!! i bought mine a couple days after it was released and what do i get? totally agree with fester420

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

Really trying to salvage their heavy failing hardware, don't know how they got this through and to the shelves and they thought it would be a hit.

Avatar image for fester420

@Willy-wILKS_777 I am in the same boat as you buddy, bought mine at launch. They should really only offer this to early adopters before April 1st. I was pissed I missed out on the deal to get either AC or LBP for free.

Avatar image for gabsponge

@imaidiot "I love when companies blame 'piracy' for their lack of sales. When a good movie comes out, people go see it" I think it's unfair to compare movies with games and here's why: 1. Whether you illegally download a psp game or buy it the quality is the same. When you watch a movie to a small screen with mediocre sound, you miss out from the experience of watching it at a cinema. This is why 3d movies are doing much better than regular ones, because the cinemas offer something you can't get from a dvd/blu-ray. Do you believe that there is any chance Alice would make more than a billion $, if it wasn't for 3d? it even surpassed the dark knight. 2. Going to the cinema is a different experience, because you get to enjoy it with your friends (it's like: hey, wanna go see a movie?). There is nothing special that you get by buying a game. So I think it's wrong to compare movies and games.

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