SCEA sends Killzone into battle

Guerrilla's PS2 FPS hits store shelves today, features single-player campaign and online play in a sci-fi setting.


Sony today announced that Killzone, a first-person shooter that some have called the PlayStation 2's answer to Halo, has shipped to retail stores. Developed by Guerilla, the game is set in the near future on Vekta, an interplanetary colony. Killzone focuses on the strife between two human factions, the separatist Helghast and an alliance of interplanetary colonies calling themselves the ISA. After selecting one of four ISA soldiers, gamers will engage in a single-player campaign with 11 missions in an effort to quell the Helghast invasion. Killzone will also feature online support for up to 16 players in several multiplayer modes, including deathmatch, domination, and assault. Other features include an arsenal of 27 weapons, 11 different environments, and a score from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus. This won't be the last title from Guerilla for PlayStation platforms; earlier this year, the developer inked an exclusive development agreement with Sony. Rated "M" for Mature, Killzone carries an SRP of $49.99. Look for GameSpot's review of Killzone later this week.

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