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SCEA loses top PR exec

Longstanding public relations and corporate communications specialist Molly Smith decamps PlayStation group.


Molly Smith of Sony Computer Entertainment America, the company's senior media liaison--and gatekeeper to the team of senior executives at the organization's Foster City, CA, headquarters--has left her post, say Sony staffers.

The departure of Smith, SCEA senior director of communications and brand development, was confirmed to company rank and file today, although there has yet to be an official statement outlining her resignation.

One industry source linked changes to the SCEA marketing department as contributing to Smith's departure--the most significant being the hire of former THQ executive Peter Dille in April. Dille was hired on as SCEA senior vice president of marketing, reporting to EVP and co-COO Jack Tretton.

Smith had been part of the SCEA team since the original PlayStation launch in 1994.

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