SCEA announces EyeToy: Operation Spy

European SpyToy scheduled to infiltrate North American stores in November.


EyeToy: Operation Spy

Sony Computer Entertainment America today confirmed that EyeToy: Operation Spy will be arriving in North American stores on November 15.

Slated for release in Europe later this week, under the title SpyToy, Operation Spy is a story-driven EyeToy game in which you'll assume the role of a secret agent working for the Strategic Intelligence Agency (SIA).

EyeToy: Operation Spy will feature eight minigames, titled Sky Diving, Code Breaking, Photo Fit, World Map, Nanobot, Nanotech, Geosphere, and Laser Lock.

In addition to story-driven gameplay, the more paranoid (or perverse) among those who play may want to tap Operation Spy's Surveillance mode as a hidden camera. It can be used with a night-vision function at an improved EyeToy resolution of 640x480. Any footage that a player captures of unwanted intruders in one's room, for example, (whether it be digital, night-vision, or time-lapse) can be recorded as evidence.

Use of a USB printer connected to a PlayStation 2 will net printouts from still images as well. And if gamers are looking to "prevent crimes" rather than just record them, Operation Spy will also play back a prerecorded warning message on the attached TV monitor whenever someone passes in front of the EyeToy camera.

We'll bring you more information on EyeToy: Operation Spy as soon as it becomes available.

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