Scarlett Johansson Is Highest-Grossing Actress Ever

The Marvel star's films have grossed $3.3 billion in the US to date.


Movie star Scarlett Johansson is riding high. Box office database Box Office Mojo has updated its highest-grossing acting chart, and the Avengers actress can now claim the title of highest-grossing actress ever. The figure measures how much money movies featuring an actor or actress have made in the US, and Johansson's films have pulled in $3.3 billion to date.

Johannson's place on the list is no doubt buoyed by her role as Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. She's played the role in five films: Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War (via USA Today).

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Johansson's biggest movie to date was 2012's The Avengers, which brought in $623.4 million in the US. She's appeared in 37 movies tracked on Box Office Mojo and those films have made an average of $90.1 million each.

The highest-grossing chart is dominated by actors and actresses who have appeared in blockbuster film franchises. Sitting atop the list is Harrison Ford ($4.8 billion), who has starred in the Star Wars series and is in every Indiana Jones movies, among so many others.

Johansson sits at No. 10 on the chart of actors and actresses; the next actress after her is Shrek's Cameron Diaz (No. 19/$3 billion), followed by Harry Potter star Helena Bonham Carter (No. 26/$2.82 billion) and Cate Blanchett (No 29/2.8 billion) from The Lord of the Rings.

You can see Box Office Mojo's complete highest-grossing actor chart here.

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