Scarface tops October

Combined, Vivendi's Xbox, PS2, and PSP adaptation of the classic crime movie sell over a half-million units; PC version bombs.


After months of anticipation by its film inspiration's myriad fans, the game adaptation of Scarface hit stores on October 8. Developed by Radical Entertainment (Simpson: Hit & Run) and published by its owner, Vivendi Games, the title came in four flavors--Scarface: The World Is Yours for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, and Scarface: Power. Money. Respect. for the PlayStation Portable.

Though the games weren't exactly a hit with critics, they did do well with gamers. According to sales figures from the NPD Group, the combined regular and collector's editions of the PS2 Scarface made it the best-selling game in the US in October, selling more than 366,000 units and earning over $18.7 million. The Xbox version also did reasonably well, moving more than 110,000 copies and ringing up $5.4 million-plus at the cash register.

Though its strategy-based gameplay differed from its action-oriented siblings, Scarface: Power. Money. Respect. also did well enough to be the top-selling PSP title of the month, besting even Madden NFL 07. The game sold over 37,000 units, racking up just less than $1.5 million. Combined, all four Scarface games sold more than 520,000 copies.

While the above three Scarfaces sold briskly, sales of the PC version were less than impressive. It cleared just more than 9,000 units, earning just less than $450,000.

Originally, Scarface: The World Is Yours was also set to come to the Xbox 360. That version, though, was canceled in late July when the PSP game was announced.

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