Scarface saying hello October 8

Crime movie-inspired cocaine-kingpin sim will shoot up Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC in less than two months; Collector's Edition announced.


At the end of director Brian De Palma's seminal crime epic Scarface, protagonist Tony Montana (Al Pacino) dies after being riddled with bullets. Though the game based on the film has Montana surviving, it has taken some hits as well. Scarface: The World is Yours was delayed from its originally slated fall 2005 release, and its Xbox 360 edition was abruptly canceled last month.

Today, though, Vivendi Games confirmed the M-rated game would be definitely saying hello to its not-so-little friends this fall. The Xbox, PC, and PlayStation 2 editions of Scarface: The World is Yours will ship in North America on October 8. Scarface: Money. Power. Respect., a PSP strategy game also based on the Scarface film, is due sometime in October.

The PC Scarface: The World is Yours will retail for $39.99, while both console versions will retail for $49.99. Those who preorder the game at "participating retailers" will get a 24"x30" L.A. Pop Art poster depicting an iconic film scene created out of the text of the original motion picture script. Vivendi did not provide a copy of poster, but it will likely be one of the preexisting Scarface-script posters from L.A. Pop Art. (WARNING: Posters contain profanity.)

Vivendi is also offering a "Collectors Edition" of the PS2 version of The World is Yours for $59.99. The extra sawbuck will get gamers a variety of extras, including a full map of the in-game world and a metal case a la the Halo 2 limited edition. It will also feature a bonus DVD that will sport a "Making of the Game" behind-the-scenes documentary, a walkthrough with commentary from Scarface's producers, hints and tips, and concept art.

The "Making of the Game" doc will also feature interviews with Scarface's large cast, which includes James Woods, Jay Mohr, Cheech Marin, Tommy Chong, Ice T, Shaft star Richard Roundtree, Bam Margera, Wilmer Valderrama, Daniel Dae Kim, Kevin Dillon, Tommy Lee, Michael Rooker, and NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt, Jr, among others. Also appearing in the game are original cast members Steven Bauer (real name: Esteban Echevarria) and Robert Loggia, who played Montana's partner and boss, respectively.

One original Scarface star not lending his voice to the game is Tony Montana himself, Al Pacino. However, the actor did license his likeness to the game, which explores an alternate storyline which presupposes the titular cocaine baron did not perish in a hail of automatic gunfire at the end of Scarface. Naturally, his next order of business is to get some payback and take over the violent Miami underworld of the 1980s, which is recreated in free-roaming, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City style.

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