Scarface coming to Wii

Latest issue of <i>NGamer</i> reveals VU Games' adaptation of classic crime movie is coming to Nintendo's new console.


For years, Nintendo consoles have had a reputation for being the most family-friendly. The Mario factory attempted to change this image on the GameCube by nuturing a few extremely violent games, such as Eternal Darkness, Killer7, and Resident Evil 4, GameSpot's 2005 Game of the Year. When the Wii was released last year, Ubisoft's Red Steel was the token grown-up game, and it sold well despite poor reviews. According to NPD, the game had moved more than 219,000 copies as of December 2006.

Insert "little friend" and/or "Wii" joke here.

Despite rumors of a Wii Grand Theft Auto, the highest-profile adult actioner on the platform's horizon was The Godfather: The Blackhand Edition. Now, though, it appears the adaptation of the 1972 epic will be joined by the game version of another crime-cinema classic. The cover of this month's British Nintendo magazine NGamer clearly shows that Vivendi Games is bringing Scarface: The World Is Yours to the Wii. The game was released last year for the Xbox and PlayStation 2. An Xbox 360 version was also planned but was canceled just as a PSP spin-off was announced.

According to the magazine, the Wii Scarface will have a control scheme similar to Red Steel's. Players will point the Wii Remote at the screen like a gun to control an aiming reticle to target opponents. The magazine also promises that players can use the Wii Remote for melee combat with the film's infamous chainsaw. According to NGamer, players will be able to sever legs and heads and will hear the sound of the chainsaw emit from the Wii Remote's built-in speaker.

No release date--UK, US, or otherwise--was available as of press time. When contacted by GameSpot, a Vivendi rep would say only that more news was "coming soon."

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