Scalebound to "Show the Power of What Xbox One Can Do"

Bayonetta developer's upcoming action game also aiming to "heighten the value" of Xbox One overall.


Upcoming Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games, aims to "show the power of what Xbox One can do," according to director Hideki Kamiya.

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On the subject of meeting players' and publishers' expectations with every new project he works on, Kamiya told Metro that Scalebound is hoping to take full advantage of the Xbox One hardware.

"So in terms of, say, Scalebound, which is an exclusive title for Xbox One, my ultimate goal and mission is that this will help appeal to, and also heighten the value, of not just my game but also the console, and show the power of what Xbox One can do," he said.

Kamiya also said he hopes Scalebound proves to be a sound investment of players' time and money.

"Towards the players, my commitment and my promise to them is that you're buying a game that we created and you're paying for it," he said. "I need to make sure that you get the value, and hopefully even more, for the amount that you've paid. So I think that very simply fact is what keeps us going, because our partners see the commitment that we put into the games that we're making."

Scalebound, which originally had dinosaurs instead of dragons, launches in 2016 exclusively for Xbox One. At Gamescom earlier this month, Platinum confirmed that the game will have four-player co-op. For a closer look at the action game, check out the new gameplay video below.

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