Scalebound Director Talks Delay, Reacts to "Surprising" Resident Evil 7

We chat with Platinum boss Hideki Kamiya about his newest game and a franchise he used to work on.


Speaking today at E3 2016, Platinum Games boss Hideki Kamiya shared his thoughts on Scalebound's delay to 2017 and also told us how he feels about Resident Evil 7.

On the subject of Scalebound's delay, Kamiya joked that every project he worked on gets delayed, so it was to be expected that the Xbox One and PC game would be pushed, too.

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"It might not be a real good reason, but every game I've worked on never went out on schedule. So every time I announce something, it gets delayed. So this is just another one. I'm sorry to Microsoft that this happens," he said with a laugh.

On a more serious note, Kamiya said the extra development time will give Platinum more opportunity to further refine and polish the game. Kamiya also reiterated that Scalebound is bigger and more ambitious than anything Platinum has made before.

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"The scale of the game is much bigger than any of the other games we previously created," he said. "So just putting in all the content that I wanted to have in the game is what we're really working on; just getting the game to be great."

We also asked Kamiya for his reaction to Resident Evil 7's announcement last night. Kamiya worked at Capcom on Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 before joining Platinum.

"Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is the quality of the things that they're showing. I was surprised by the quality that they're providing to the users," he explained.

He went on to say that the Resident Evil series is a massive franchise and that everyone "has their own thinking of what the next game will be." Some have criticized Capcom for deviating from the franchise's horror roots in favor of action. Kamiya said he is happy to see the team has a "strong direction" for the approach Capcom is taking with Resident Evil 7.

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