Scalebound Comic and Lore Books Coming Next Year

Microsoft and Platinum Games teaming up with Titan Books on Scalebound books.


Titan Comics has announced it is partnering with Platinum Games and Microsoft Studios to launch a comic book series based on Scalebound in 2017. The comic series will feature stories not seen in the game, and will focus on main character Drew and his dragon.

"We are thrilled to team up with one of the hottest developers in the video game industry to create Scalebound comics," said sales and marketing manager Ricky Claydon. "These comics will expand the lore of the games to appeal to an even wider audience."

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Titan will also publish a lore book for Scalebound called "The Book of Sages." This will be released in 2017, and is presented as being pulled from within the world of Scalebound. As a result, illustrations in the book will be annotated by in-game characters.

Scalebound releases for Xbox One and PC in 2017. It was originally scheduled for launch this year before getting delayed. The game's release date was delayed alongside two other big Microsoft-published games: Halo Wars 2 and Crackdown 3.

Explaining the delays, Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg said the creative process sometimes necessitates delays.

"As you go through that creative process, some times things happen fast, some times they take longer than you expect," he said. "For us making the games great, making sure the stories are great, the graphics are great in these immersive experiences, is a priority."

During Gamescom 2016, we got to see how dragon customisation and gameplay worked in Scalebound. You can her our impressions in the video above. Scalebound will also feature co-op play and giant bosses.

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