Scalebound Cancellation Is "Better for Xbox Gamers," Says Xbox Boss

Head of Xbox says it was a "difficult" decision.



Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has commented on the cancellation of Scalebound, the Xbox One and PC-exclusive action title developed by Platinum Games.

Posting on Twitter, Spencer said the decision was "difficult" but added he believes it's better for Xbox fans in the long run. Continuing, he expressed confidence in the games Microsoft has lined up for 2017.

Microsoft officially announced Scalebound's cancellation on January 9 and released a statement similar to Spencer's comments.

"After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for Scalebound," a spokesperson said. "We're working hard to deliver an amazing lineup of games to our fans this year, including Halo Wars 2, Crackdown 3, State of Decay 2, Sea of Thieves, and other great experiences."

In the time since the announcement, videos of Scalebound have been removed or become inaccessible from the official Xbox YouTube channel. Prior to this the Scalebound page on had been removed from the website; it now redirects to the site's homepage.

Development on Scalebound, an action-RPG featuring dragons and online co-op, was led by Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya. Platinum has not discussed whether development of the game could continue separate from its partnership with Microsoft.

Platinum Games' next release is Nier: Automata, which launches for PS4 on March 7 and then on PC later in 2017. A demo for the game is available now.

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    Microsoft nuthuggers acted like the game was the next big thing, now that t it cancelled, the Microsoft nuthuggrs are saying the game would suck anyway. So predictable.

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    Why would an exclusive game many were looking forward to that gets cancelled be a "good thing"? All it does is make gamers less and less confident in MS delivering good 1st party games. Outside of Forza Horizon 3 and Ori... don't know why I would even own an Xbox1. It's like P.Spencer and MS are more concerned with BC than delivering 1st party games. Losing patience MS.

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    It's eerie how the third Xbox keeps repeating all the third PlayStation's worst mistakes like this.

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    "Better for Xbox gamers"? Thanks for telling us how to think.

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    this game looked awesome to me, and im a PS4 owner and fan. i see no logical way this cancellation can be good for XBox1 owners.

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    What is the logic in cancelling this game? How does this make it better in any way for Xbox One owners?

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    The 360 had some great games.. What ive noticed is Microsoft dont want to move on and take chances on anything else but halo and gears they seem to be milking the hell out of it. Theirs no rpgs they really need to mix it up . People keep talking about scorpio wtf good is it with out any exclusives? Not a fanboy i have a orignal xbox one and what drew me to it was killer instict sunset overdrive. But i also have a pro and their is so much to play ! Have a back log of games. They could atleast get peter molenx back and do a fable somthing other then a fucken shooter thats been sucked dry! Hell theirs plenty of 3rd party shutters cod titanfall 2 battle field do we truly need any more? Atleast sony is taking god of war to a whole differnt story line and setting jesus.

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    The xb0ne is the biggest sham, there's no reason to own it over a low end gaming PC or even a gaming laptop.

    Avatar image for Caduceus89

    I'm looking forward to expanding my list of anticipated xbox one exclusives but so far it is seriously lagging behind my PS4 and multiplatform lists.

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    Try to spin this however you want Spencer. Your lineup is a joke and there is no reason whatsoever for a gamer today to have a Xbox One over a PS4. Any good games coming on Xbox One are also coming out on PS4 but the reverse is far from true. There's not a single decent RPG/ACTION RPG exclusive to your platform. Whats better for gamers today is to NOT have a XBox One.

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    I'll be amazing if they SWITCH this game over to another console.

    Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

    @princenoctis: Not happening, MS likely owns the IP.

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    OK, so losing an exclusive is better? Please explain the logic of that...

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    Someone Explain to me really quick which exclusive killer apps Microsoft has coming this year?

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    Sea of thieves looks good. Scratch everything else off the list.

    Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

    @ditronus: How so? It looks like a mediocre MMO...

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    I feel like he should explain why if he wants people to understand

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    Scalebound is cancelled...
    Yet garbage like Sea of Thieves is still on the way!

    Yeah, this is clearly better for gamers.


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    Just a PR predictable stunt after the cancellation of a new IP from a dev with pedigree. I hope something can be done about what remains of the project. Guess the next one is Phantom Dust. Welp, if you like shooters Sequels like Halo and Gears you'll be okay for some time. I like Gears in split screen.

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    Platinum is serious about making solid games...Even at their worst their games are remarkably fun and designed with gameplay in mind. The paper-thin pr stuff in this industry is really chuckle worthy so keep defending gamers everywhere MS.

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    Phil Spencer: "see the ball? see the ball? go!! follow the ball!!"

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    i watched youtube alpha gameplay it seems pretty awesome.. except for the red blood collectibles? what Platinum wants for this game perhaps is an open world single player RPG and what microsoft want is an online 4 player co-op games. microsoft must be pretty stupid or something... it's the same thing they want for Fable and it flopped.

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    Yeah right Microsoft, cancelling one of your exclusives in an 'exclusives' war which you are already losing to SONY, one that was eagerly awaited by many fans is indeed "good for Xbox Gamers". Is there any higher level of stupidity from you guys ?

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    Here's a very interesting read about the rift during development between MS and Platinum

    Essentially MS wanted more of an action game and Platinum wanted a full scale RPG that had more depth to it. I guess Platinum's vision for the game was too ambitious for Microsoft's taste, hopefully we see this game on another platform because it's a waste otherwise. Also pointed out in the article is how pissed Kamiya was about the way the game was marketed and shown off at events, and reading the number of people saying the game didn't look too great, I can understand why.

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    @grayyfoxx: It's disgusting how much control publishers have over developers.

    If publishers want a specific game, they should contract someone to make that game and be clear from the start.
    Not undermine the developers and destroy a game and throw a bunch of work out the window.

    This kind of shit is how we end up with an MMO Destiny.

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    really? this was one IP that got me thinking about getting an xbox one day, from the look of it it had great potential... (if the game would have been as epic as the footage of course, maybe quality was the problem and they are afraid to say it out loud)

    but it is better for xbone players of course, now they have more time to bitch about playstation having "less" good IPs instead of playing a good one on their system ;) (not considering myself a fanboy but i love how everybody is pissed when someone calls their dick smaller) :D

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    I'm sorry I respect Spencer and all but that is a bs statement to me. I'm not saying that Scalebound would be the king on Xbox one not at all but it would be a nice change from the Halo, Gears, and forza. I mean what else is announced and planned that will come out 1st half of this year and is exclusive to xbox? Look State of Decay 2 looks great no doubt but again zombie/shooter. Not knocking it but still then you got Crackdown 3 that seems promising but still it's a sequel. Sea of thieves seems like the only unique exclusive I can think of that differentiates from the rest of the line up. Other than BC compatibility and the sequels what are unique exclusive new IP's to draw gamers to buy an xbox one if they don't already have one? Sea of thieves is the only one I can think of (If there are others I welcome the correction)

    Ok look if the game's development wasn't going right, then ok I get it but give us a reason cause I thought the purpose of a company releasing an exclusive IP like Scalebound was to get more to buy the Xbox one. If I wasn't a fan of Halo and Gears and wasn't interested in some of the bc 360 exclusive like blue dragon and lost odyssey. (I guess you could say some bc like Red Dead Redemption in general) then why would I want to look into getting an xbox one? Quantum Break was okay and so was recore but other than being better for mp (Yes I love ps4 but I can admit it's cons) I know there are some other reasons but you had Scalebound coming MS. (if it wasn't working then you should be upfront) while PS4 has let's see, apart from Kingdom hearts 2.8 you have Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier Automata, Persona 5 and those are all in the beginning of the year. You guys have Halo wars 2. All I'm saying is even when it comes to sequels for your IP's Sony is beating you when you are trying to stay with them. For Spencer to say it will be better in the long run then there better be surprises.

    Just so I'm clear I'm looking forward to games like Halo Wars 2, state of decay, and sea of thieves. Crackdown 3 I will wait and see I liked 2 but felt it was underwhelming at the time (just my view not knocking it) all I'm saying is it seems MS is content with the consumer base it has rather than making it grow. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the way I see it at the moment.

    Avatar image for proceeder

    B.S.! Pure and utter B.S.

    What is it with P.R.?!

    Avatar image for skyhighgam3r

    @proceeder: P.R.'s sole purpose is to spout bullshit because of the ridiculous actions of the company.

    I don't blame P.R. for doing their job, I blame the publishing sector of MS for being douchebags and trying to except control over the developers.

    Avatar image for garysan

    Probably be better if he just said sorry.

    Avatar image for ArabrockermanX

    @garysan: Exactly, just say sorry the project is being cancelled and say it wasn't coming together. Don't try and bull shit people and say its for the best.

    Avatar image for proceeder

    @garysan: Wouldn't it have been? I don't understand this shying away from condor and honesty in video game business. Devs are just afraid to apologize. Honesty and sincerity increases trust and confidence.

    Avatar image for xolivierx

    they should make a new Panzer Dragoon instead!

    Avatar image for titang1

    Lets be honest with ourselves when reading into what MS has to say about this. They can talk about their 2017 lineup being a focus and all this and that, but we know it isn't, software is taking a backseat so they can focus on Scorpio and it's advertisement leading up to release. They're putting a lot into Scorpio and the buzz surrounding it's hardware, no time for software.

    Avatar image for proceeder

    @titang1: Well, that's no excuse. One can't delude himself about the unknown future because of present's bad state. I personally know very little about what that project is going to be and it was announced a short while ago. What's certain is that there is lack of focus here, in regards to software.

    Avatar image for titang1

    @proceeder: That's the point I was making

    Avatar image for CagedOkami

    yea guys we should all be thankful for our xbox overlords and their generous decision to shit on us. cant wait what else they'll lie to us about next and tell us its for our benefit.

    Avatar image for proceeder

    @CagedOkami: I just can't understand what makes these people think they have the right to decide what is good for the audience. It's very condescending.

    Avatar image for snaketus

    Xbot tears are the best tears.

    Avatar image for mvilleguy88

    So basically this game was so bad that we are better off not playing it as it would permanently scar us. Okay den.

    Avatar image for archav3n

    better for xbox gamers.. i can't fathom why is it better.

    Avatar image for bubba_666

    It's because the console is to WEAK to run it at the full on resolution that it was intended. And they don't want another new title to run at a crappy 720p, just for it to run well. You could tell how it struggle in early demos. And i don't think it was even on the XB1 hardware. But they could have at least made it a PC release.

    Avatar image for snaketus

    @bubba_666: Exactly. I think that was the reason as well. I just don't understand why cancel the PC version? Just release it on everywhere on PC and not just on stupid Windows Store and it would have made the money back; at least eventually. Not that I was interested in at all, but many people were I'd guess.

    Avatar image for jonnyhollywood

    @snaketus: I would say that this is not the reason. The Scorpio should have been able to make this title look great, with a downgraged version playable on the original X1. The only reason for this cancellation has to have been related to gameplay performance or story. I could be wrong, but that's the way I read it.

    Avatar image for KenderDragon

    I was looking out for this game... I don't see why it's better without it, unless the game would be dull, which I doubt.

    Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

    The Game didn't really appeal to me anyway - and if its not happening no point pouring more money into the project that can be better spent elsewhere .. makes perfect sense !!