SC2 returns to MLG and will be at Anaheim

After being dropped from the tournament's circuit in early 2013, MLG is now involved with the title again, kicking things off with the GameOn Invitational.


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Following their extremely successful 2013, it seems like MLG are on somewhat of a redemption tour as one of the original titles to ever be on the circuit in Super Smash Bros: Melee, and now Starcraft 2, which is considered the kickstarter of the modern day esports push, back on to their tournament circuit.

SC2 will return to MLG in little more than a week's time, in the shape of an online invitational league dubbed the 'GameOn MLG Invitational', an Americas-only tournament which will feature 12 invited players as well as 4 community voted participants. After this, SC2 makes its return to the grand stage of MLG Anaheim between the 20th-22nd of June.

In the press-release provided by MLG's Adam Apicella, he comments on the organisation's desire to return to SC2 with a clean slate, as well as provide American players the chance to compete regularly.

The background: After taking a close look at the SC2 activity in 2013, we wanted to build something in 2014 that the SC2 community needed and wanted. We all follow the major tournaments in Europe, the team leagues in Korea, and the overarching WCS, but we realized that outside of Shoutcraft America, the Americas have very little in the way of online or offline competition. So we began asking players if they would be interested in Americas-only competition.

Not surprisingly, the response was a resounding, unanimous, YES. Next, we reached out to Catz to help organize something great, and we decided to launch with GameOn, an Americas-only competition platform. Lastly, Catz brought Destiny onto the team as our co-caster and we were off and running.

He also touches upon the rather abrupt way SC2 was dropped from the tournament's circuit, and what their intentions with the GameOn invitational are:

We recognize that in the past we were not as transparent and communicative as we should’ve been. We’ve learned that community interaction and involvement is essential in creating a successful tournament scene. Therefore, in the spirit of transparency, we want you to know that we are operating this Invitational as a test. We intend to use the feedback that you provide throughout this activity to help us design competition for February through May that will ultimately be used to qualify players into Pool Play at the MLG Championship in Anaheim. Full Championship details, including the size of the Open Bracket, are coming soon!

As has been noted in the first quote, Paulo 'CatZ' Vizcarra and Steven 'Destiny' Bonnell will provide commentary for the GameOn Invitational.


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