Save Over 50% On This Gaming Rocker With Built-In Speakers

The X Rocker Trident is more affordable than ever, but only for a limited time.


Amazon's Gaming Week sale has all sorts of sweet deals for gamers --and if you're in the market for something comfortable to park your butt on while you frag, you've gotta check out this huge deal on a high-tech gamer rocking chair, the X Rocker Trident.

The X Rocker Trident has a lot more going on than a regular chair, and you can pick one up right now for just $142--that's 57% off its normal retail price for $330.

X Rocker Trident
X Rocker Trident

On top of being an ergonomic rocker, the Trident has two speakers embedded in its headrest, along with a subwoofer in the backrest. If you're wondering if the presence of that subwoofer means this chair will vibrate along with the sound of your games and movies like you're sitting in a loud movie theater: hell yeah it does.

The X Rocker Trident isn't just for gaming and watching movies and TV shows, though--those built-in speakers make it great for listening to music, too.

While the discount on the Trident is the biggest, it's not the only X Rocker that's currently on sale on Amazon. You can also nab smaller deals on the X Rocker SE Pro for $191 (17% off), as well as the X Rocker Prism for $280 (20% off). These chairs feature similar speaker setups to the Trident, so if that fairly unique feature is the main attraction for you here, be sure to check those other X Rocker chairs out as well.

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