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Save On Total War: Pharaoh Preorders, And Get A Free Game

Multiple editions and preorder bonuses are up for grabs.


Total War: Pharaoh finally has an official release date, and fans of the series have several nice incentives tied to preorders. All Total War: Pharaoh preorders come with early access starting September 29, three days ahead of the game's official October 2 launch. Preorder also come with in-game bonuses. Better yet, you can save on your preorder of any of the three editions at Fanatical and get a free "highly rated" Steam game right now.

In addition to early access, you'll unlock the Avatar of the Gods cosmetic pack, which contains a unique skin for each playable faction leader, and the Heart of the Shardana cosmetic pack that contains unique Sherden outfits for bodyguard units.

The Deluxe Edition includes a digital soundtrack and the first Faction Pack DLC, while the Dynasty Edition includes those extras, two more Faction Packs, and the Campaign Pack DLC.

Few strategy game franchises manage to accurately convey the scale of ancient warfare the way that Total War does. Total War: Pharaoh takes place during the height of Egypt's power, during an age when Pharaoh Merneptah's power was threatened by new challengers to his throne.

With a choice of eight Faction Leaders, there'll be unique playstyles and diverse rosters to master, as well as some diplomatic work to take care of between military campaigns.

Like other Total War games, it'll be up to you to seize the throne and defend Egypt from outside forces, while also dealing with societal disarray and natural disasters on the battlefield. This will of course mean throwing thousands and thousandsof soldiers at these problems, and the best way to keep your army alive is with cunning tactics, ruthless strategy, and an ocean of soldiers willing to shed some blood.

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