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The promo code applies to nearly everything in Fanatical's catalog, minus preorders and Star Deals.


Fanatical always seems to be offering a variety of great discounts, but things are more enticing than usual over at the PC games storefront. When using promo code GAMESPOT5, you’ll get an additional 5% off just about everything in the store--making this a great way to pick up a few games on your wishlist without going over your budget. The promo code is active until Monday, April 24, at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET.

There are a few restrictions to the promo code. For one, it can’t be used with Star Deals. It also can’t be used for preorders of upcoming games. But beyond that, you can use it on bundles, new releases, or anything else in the Fanatical catalog. And since games are often already discounted to less than retail price at Fanatical already, you're going to wind up saving more than 5% on most products. The promo code stacks with existing this discounts, though the 5% is calculated based on the sale price, not the original price.

The vast majority of Fanatical games are offered as Steam codes, and almost all purchases come with an additional voucher for 5% off your next purchase.

Unsure of what games you should pick up with the code? Here’s a look at some recent releases and bundles, which are almost always the most enticing deals at Fanatical. If a game is on sale, note that you’ll get 5% off the price listed below. Just remember to use GAMESPOT5 at checkout.

New releases


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