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Save Big On The Trippy New Metroidvania Ultros On Launch Day

Get a groovy discount on the stellar metroidvania adventure that is Ultros.


We're living in a golden age of metroidvania games, and if you think you've seen it all, then Ultros is going to be a big surprise when you lay eyes on it. Ultros is a psychedelic romp through living levels that launched today (February 13), and you can score a big discount over at Green Man Gaming. You can pick the game up for $18 instead of its regular $25 asking price (it's $22.49 on Steam right now). Meanwhile, the deluxe edition with the included digital art book and soundtrack has also been discounted from $35 to $25.19. Both editions of the game will be delivered instantly as Steam keys. If you recently finished Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Ultros is a logical next game to try.


There is a slight catch here, as you'll need to be a bronze-tier member of Green Man Gaming's XP rewards program. Joining the program is free, but you'll need to gather 10 points to reach the bronze level of the membership, which means spending at least $1 on a game. The quickest way to buy yourself into that membership sphere is to check the available games, categorize from low to high, and grab something that catches your eye.

But once you do that, you're free to get a great game at an even better price. Ultros is more than just a trippy metroidvania, as it combines roguelite themes with a few other genres to create a game that feels constantly rewarding to play.

"Ultros' experimentation with elements from both roguelites and metroidvanias creates an enthralling combination accentuated by a captivating setting," Alessandro Barbosa wrote in GameSpot's Ultros review. "Ultros is a collection of novel ideas such as these that elevate it beyond its metroidvania underpinnings and help it stand out in the genre as something distinct."

Ultros is also available for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and you can grab a physical deluxe edition for $40.

If you're looking for another new metroidvania-style game, the puzzle-focused game Airhead just launched this week, too. The titular character is described as a "small Body and the round inflated organism it uses as a Head." Like Ultros it's a side-scroller set in an interconnected world, where you'll explore, evolve, and solve intricate puzzles. Normally $20, you can pick it up for $14.39 as part of your Green Man Gaming XP membership perk on the bronze tier.

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