Save Big On Special-Edition Xbox Controllers

The Mineral Camo and Lunar Shift Xbox controllers are seeing a big discount today, while standard designs are also $10 off.


Microsoft has built up an impressive roster of Xbox Series X|S controllers over the past few years, with new special-edition color schemes launching pretty regularly. These typically carry a slightly inflated price tag compared to the standard Xbox colors--but that’s not the case today. Head over to the Microsoft Store, and you can pick up the Mineral Camo or Lunar Shift Special Edition for just $50 each, down from their usual $70.

These controllers offer everything you’d find on a standard Xbox controller--an ergonomic design, responsive buttons, and textured triggers--but they’ve been splashed with two stunning paint schemes. The Mineral Camo model features various shades of blue and purple throughout the entire gamepad, while the Lunar Shift model offers a glossy faceplate with swirls of grey and black on its back. Its face buttons and triggers are also white, making them boldly stand out.

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The two controllers were popular to begin with, so we’re not sure how long this deal will stick around. It’s also worth noting that both controllers are currently sold out on Amazon--meaning Microsoft’s storefront is bound to be a bit more popular than usual as Amazon shoppers search for alternatives.

If you’re not a fan of the Mineral Camo or Lunar Shift designs, you’ll be glad to know that the standard colors are also $10 off right now. This brings them down to $50 from their usual $60 and includes colors such as Carbon Black, Robot White, Shock Blue, and Pulse Red.

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