Save Big On Some Excellent JRPGs On The Switch eShop

Dozens of NIS America games are getting big price cuts on Nintendo Switch.


Dozens of games from the NIS America catalog are now on sale through the Switch eShop, including several Disgaea titles, two Trails of Cold Steel games, World's End Club, and more. Many of the discounts are substantial, with the best deals knocking more than $30 off the list price.

The Disgaea series is a big part of the NIS America sale, with several installments of the tactical RPG getting huge price cuts. If you haven't yet checked out the quirky game, now is your best chance--you'll find Disgaea 1, Disgaea 4, Disgaea 5, and Disgaea 6 all listed for some of their best prices of the year.

We'd also recommend checking out The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series. While the Switch is only home to a couple games in the franchise, you don't have to play previous games in the series to enjoy them. That said, it certainly helps to have played the first two games, since there are returning characters and long-running story threads. Trails of Cold Steel 3 is on sale for $30, while Trails of Cold Steel 4 is down to $35. Both games offer compelling stories, interesting characters, and stellar turn-based combat. Plus, each one has well over 50 hours of content.

Making video games is best done on PC, but RPG Maker Fes and RPG Maker MV prove that the daunting task can be accomplished from the comfort of your couch. Both titles are on sale (RPG Maker Fes is down to just five bucks), offering a robust suite of creation tools along with the ability to share and play different games online.

Aside from those standout titles, you'll find a wide variety of NIS America games available at great new prices on the Switch eShop. Be sure to check out the full catalog, but we've pulled together some of our favorites below. The NIS America sale isn't the only sale on the Switch eShop right now. Make sure to check out Square Enix's and Capcom's Golden Week sales for even more deals.

Best deals on Switch eShop

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