Save Big On PC Games At Green Man Gaming This Week

GMG's birthday sale means deals, deals, and more deals.

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A major PC game sale already launched last week in the form of Epic's Mega Sale, but for those who may prefer to own games on Steam, another major sale just kicked off that you'll want to keep your eye on. Digital store Green Man Gaming, which sells licensed digital game keys, is celebrating its ninth year in business with a week of flash deals.

A new wave of games will be available every day and stick around for 48 hours, so you'll want to grab the deals you want quickly. In addition to the discounted games, Green Man Gaming is offering free bonus gifts with certain deals, including DLC and sometimes even a full game or two. All the deals that have been posted so far are for PC and/or Mac, and most of them require a free Steam account to redeem. Note that Ubisoft titles will be redeemable on Uplay instead.


Browse the full offering of deals at Green Man Gaming, and see some of the current deals below! We'll be updating this story as more deals become available, so stay tuned.

Day 9 deals

(end May 26 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST)

Day 8 deals

(end May 25 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM BST)

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For everyone who hasn't bought KCD, strongly recommend you take this opportunity to give it a go. One of the best and least appreciated games of 2018.

Avatar image for jsprunk

@sammyg111: What’s KCD?

Avatar image for Barighm

@sammyg111: But also one of the most boring. If you want a medieval life simulator, it's great, but all of the work you have to do just to prepare for an adventure takes for frickin' ever.

Avatar image for sammyg111

@Barighm: Only if you think of Red Dead Redemption as a "Riding Simulator".

It takes about three hours of narrative driven RP gameplay to meet the combat trainer. Once you get introduced to the trainer, you can access the skills you need to really dominate combat, and from there you can explore to your hearts content.

The save mechanic takes some time to get used to, but so long as you remember it's meant to be difficult, and not an Assassins Creed fluff game, you can get past it pretty easily.

In terms of preparation for adventure, all you need to do is make sure you're not carrying too much, feed yourself and sleep and then go adventure.

Not "forever" just logical.

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@sammyg111: Yes, RDR2 is a western sim. It's much slower than the previous game. I did not enjoy it.

"Logical" is still slow and dominated by tedium. And it still takes time to train with the trainer, which requires money, which requires effort to get, which requires feeding and taking care of yourself between efforts, etc. It adds up.

But that's the point. Which is fine, if that's your thing, but if you can fine a mod. that can remove a lot of that tedium, especially that "save anywhere" mod, it's a fine game that feels a lot like ES4: Oblivion, but with a deeper combat system.

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@Barighm: I believe Warhorse studio is currently working on opening up modding tools for the community, so you may see something along those lines on steam soon. Likely around mid june-july.

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You mean it's not huge? :P