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Save $75 On The Xbox Series X For A Limited Time

Newegg has an awesome deal on the Xbox Series X right now.


Though the Xbox Series X has been easy to find in stock for most of 2022, it's still rare to see quality deals on Microsoft's powerful $500 machine. Right now, though, you can get an Xbox Series X for $424 at Newegg. You do, however, have to pay with a method that you may not be familiar with.

To get the discount, you need to enter promo code ZIPFEST22 at checkout. Then, you have to use ZIP as your payment system. If you've never used ZIP, it's a payment system for splitting payments into multiple installments. You can still use your credit card; it's just that you'll be paying Newegg via ZIP. Though you won't be charged interest, ZIP does have small convenience fees ($1 for each on-time payment).

This deal is only available today, September 29, and ends just five hours from the time of writing. The exact end time for the promo is unclear. It's certainly possible that the consoles could sell out before the promotion expires.

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