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Save 50% On Pokemon Shining Pearl Ahead Of Prime Day At Amazon

The Switch remake of the Nintendo DS classic is only $30, but it probably won't remain in stock for long.


Pokemon Shining Pearl is on sale for only $30 at Amazon as part of the retailer's early Prime Day sale. The Switch remake of the Nintendo DS RPG, Shining Pearl offers updated visuals while retaining the core loop of classic Pokemon. If you haven't played the latest entries in the Pokemon series, you can pick up Pokemon Scarlet for $51.

Pokemon Shining Pearl takes players back to the Sinnoh region for a traditional Pokemon adventure. The Switch-exclusive remake features an adorable chibi art style that gels quite well with the overall vibe of the Pearl/Diamond storyline.

It earned a 7/10 in our Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl review. "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl keep enough classic elements to feel like a comfy nostalgia trip, while smoothing over enough of the rough edges that they feel relatively contemporary with other recent Pokemon games," critic Steve Watts wrote. "It can't be easy for a storied franchise to pay homage to its legacy while also modernizing in this way, but Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl strike the right balance. It's the classic Pokemon you remember, without most of the little annoyances you've forgotten."

There are numerous stellar Nintendo Switch deals ahead of Prime Day, which officially runs July 16-17. Walmart is selling its exclusive Animal Crossing-themed Nintendo Switch Lite for $159. This special-edition console also comes with a digital copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Meanwhile, you can snag a pair of Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers with Super Mario Party for only $69.

More RPGs for Switch as well as Xbox and PlayStation are on sale ahead of Prime Day, too:

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