Save $40 On DualSense Edge When You Buy God Of War PS5 Bundle

For $660, you can get the God of War: Ragnarok PS5 bundle and the premium DualSense Edge controller.


If you're in the market for a PS5, now's a great time to buy one with the God of War: Ragnarok PS5 bundle on sale for $500 (down from $560). But before you order the bundle, you should check out Antonline's offer via eBay. The retailer is selling brand-new God of War bundles with the DualSense Edge for $660 total. That means you'll have two controllers out of the gate, including PlayStation's first pro-style controller, which hasn't been discounted yet since launching earlier this year.

The two consoles listed above are among the best gaming deals at eBay right now, but they’re not the only ones you should check out.

You’ll also find an interesting Xbox Series S deal that slashes the console's price to just $218. It only comes with the console and the power cord--you'll need to supply your own controller and HDMI cable. This deal could be good for current Xbox owners looking to add a secondary console to their home. If you do need an Xbox controller to pair with the console, check out this deal on an open-box Elite Series 2 controller. Rounding out the Xbox deals is a Certified Refurbished Xbox Series X sold by Microsoft for $460.

It’s unclear how long any of these deals will stick around, so be sure to check them out sometime this weekend if you’re interested in any of the products. The PS5 bundle is a particular standout, as we don’t often see a bundle this elaborate offered at a discount--and it’ll likely go out of stock fast.

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