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Save $20 On Humankind With This Sweet Preorder Discount [Exclusive Deal]

The historical 4X strategy game launches on August 17, and you can snag a Steam key for way less with this exclusive preorder deal.


Fans of 4X strategy games have a big release to look forward to later this month with Humankind, an upcoming turn-based strategy game where you build your civilization up over the course of six major eras, starting in the nomadic age. Originally planned for April, Humankind was delayed earlier this year to August 17, which means it's now just a couple of weeks away. That also means there's still time to preorder and get a few neat bonuses, and we have an exclusive deal with PC games store Fanatical that makes it even more worthwhile to secure your copy early.

Compared to Steam, which is selling Humankind: Digital Deluxe Edition preorders for $49.79, Fanatical already has the cheapest price on the game at $42. However, we have an exclusive promo code that drops it even cheaper to $40, saving you an even $20 on your preorder. To take advantage of the deal, you can add Humankind: Digital Deluxe Edition to your cart and use promo code GAMESPOT33 in checkout (the promo code box is located on the right side of the page underneath your cart summary--it's easy to miss). You'll receive a Steam key via email closer to release day, so you'll still be able to add the game to your Steam library while paying less than you would directly on Steam. This deal is only available through August 17, the game's release date.

If you like surprises, you can add the Mystery Game Bundle to your order for $1.89 and get an additional two Steam games (you'll see this option in your cart before you proceed to checkout). And because the Fanatical Summer Sale is happening, you'll qualify for the "Spin to Win" promotion, which automatically gets you a bonus with your purchase, either a free game or coupon. You'll see this in checkout as well.

Because this is a preorder of the Digital Deluxe Edition of Humankind, you'll get some added bonuses with your order. For preordering, you'll get the Boudicca Avatar Set, the Player Profile Symbol Set, and the Player Profile Pre-Purpose Decorations, all of which just give you more customization options for your leader avatar and profile. The Deluxe edition's bonus content includes the Notre-Dame DLC Pack, the digital OST, and a Unit & Tech Tree PDF. The added preorder bonuses (after the game's delay) get you two extra avatar sets: Lucy and Edgar Allan Poe.

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Announced during Gamescom 2019, Humankind is developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Sega. Similar to the Civilization series, Humankind casts you as the leader of a civilization that you'll expand over time, developing cities, building up your military, and more. Over 60 historical cultures, each of which has its own unique gameplay elements, are featured in the game as you move from the Ancient to the Modern Age, and your end goal to win the most fame and leave the greatest impact on mankind. For more on the upcoming 4X game, see our Humankind preview for editor Phil Hornshaw's impressions after spending hands-on time with the game last year; plus, you can check out our interview with the developers above.

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