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Savage to support Linux

A Linux version of S2 Games' hybrid real-time strategy and first-person shooter will ship on the same CD as the PC version.


iGames Publishing and S2 Games have announced that Savage: The Battle for Neweth will ship with full Linux support. The Linux version will be functionally identical to its Windows counterpart and will ship on the same CD-ROM. The Linux version is already a part of the ongoing beta testing of the game.

"We have a bunch of Linux lovers on board here at S2, so we understand the importance of having great games available for that community," said Jesse Hayes, COO of S2 Games. "We've found that a great deal of gamers would like the option to play or set up servers on the Linux OS, so we went that route with Savage."

Scheduled for release on August 25, Savage will offer a unique blend of multiplayer action and strategy. The game lets one player on each side take the role of a commander in charge of building units and issuing high-level orders, while other players battle it out from a first-person view. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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