Savage slips to July

iGames' upcoming real-time strategy shooter will now ship in July.


Savage: The Battle for Newerth

iGames has announced that Savage, its upcoming real-time strategy shooter, will ship in July of this year instead of May. The extra time will allow the development team to fix bugs and implement suggestions from the game's beta testers.

Savage is a hybrid of two popular genres, real-time strategy and first-person shooter. As in all RTS games, one player takes the role of the commander, ordering units to move to areas and attack specific targets. Unlike in most RTS games, in Savage the individual troops are controlled by a human player who takes the orders from the commander and chooses to obey or not to obey them. Since commanders control much of the money flow in the game, players' incentive to obey orders is that their commander might grant them extra gold to buy better weapons. For more information on Savage, check out our previous coverage.

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