Savage signed for the UK

Digital Jesters will publish S2 Games' futuristic action and strategy game in the UK next year.


Savage: The Battle for Newerth

Digital Jesters has today announced that it will publish Savage: The Battle for Newerth in the UK in February 2004. The futuristic action and strategy game, which has been available in North America since September, was developed by S2 Games and is played exclusively by online teams.

"Savage has been on our wish list for some time," said Terry Malham, director, Digital Jesters. "So we are, therefore, thrilled to have reached this agreement. S2 Games is a talented bunch who will soon be making real waves in the development community, and the game was on the radar for several large publishers. However, lean outfits, such as Digital Jesters, are always able to move much more quickly--and I'm delighted we've, once again, outflanked our rivals. We're expecting this to be one of our most popular titles to date."

For more information on Savage: Battle for Newerth, check out our full review of the game.

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