Saturn gamepad comes to PlayStation 2

The classic Sega controller will arrive for PS2 gamers next month.

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TOKYO--Sega announced today that it will release the classic Sega Saturn controller, which has been reconfigured as a peripheral for the PlayStation 2, in Japan. The units will hit retailers on March 24 and will retail for the price of 2,280 yen ($22).

The Sega Saturn gamepad will be released in black only, to match the color of the standard PlayStation 2 console. The L1 and R1 buttons have been allocated to the Saturn's Z and C button positions (which are the two buttons at the very right of the pad). The L2 and R2 have been assigned to the two buttons available on the sides of the pad.

The Saturn PS2 controller also comes with a select button, which wasn't featured on the original.

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