Sarah Michelle Gellar Wants Zendaya To Star In Buffy Reboot

In a new book, the Buffy star happily does some fancasting.


In a new book commemorating Buffy the Vampire Slayer's 25th anniversary, star Sarah Michelle Gellar shares that she hopes Zendaya takes on the role in any future reboot. As of this writing, no such reboot has yet been announced.

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Gellar told Evan Ross Katz, the author of a new book called Into Every Generation a Slayer Is Born: How Buffy Staked Our Hearts, that she would "vote Zendaya" to star in a reboot of the series that aired from 1997-2003. Zendaya is fresh off major roles in Dune, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Euphoria (winning her an Emmy for her role on that show in 2020). She will next be seen in Dune Part Two.

Outside of the 1999 spin-off Angel, which ran for five seasons and 110 episodes, the Buffyverse has mainly been expanded in comics and novels. Talk of series reboots involving creator Joss Whedon have quickly dried up due to recent accusations of his creating a toxic workplace environment, with actor Charisma Carpenter accusing him in 2021 of "abus[ing] his power on numerous occasions."

Elsewhere in the book, Gellar spoke to that and other tensions on set saying (via Us Weekly), "Look, we worked really hard hours… we were young, we had ups and downs. Everybody had arguments." Previously, Gellar responded more directly to the Wheon accusations on Instagram saying, "While I am proud to have my name associated with Buffy Summers, I don't want to be forever associated with the name Joss Whedon… I stand with all survivors of abuse and I’m proud of them for speaking out."

Into Every Generation a Slayer Is Born: How Buffy Staked Our Hearts by Evan Ross Katz is now available wherever books are sold.

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