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Sanrio's Newest Cute Character Loves Death Metal, Has Anger Issues

Hello Kitty's newest companion, Aggretsuko, works in an office, drinks beer, and is filled with rage.


Hello Kitty company Sanrio has revealed their newest character, an adorable red panda with anger problems named Aggretsuko.

In a tweet, the Japanese mascot company showed off a trailer for the new character, a 25-year-old office worker who drinks beer and sings death metal at karaoke after frustrating workdays.

Aggretsuko has her own series of anime shorts that debuted in April 2016 in Japan. Sanrio has not yet mentioned if the anime will be localized in the West, but fans have translated the episodes and added English subtitles.

Crunchyroll reports that she was created after a 2015 poll in which fans asked for a character with an office theme--"office lady" and "salaryman" characters are common in anime, so Aggrestuko is a play off of both the trope and common frustrations in Japanese work culture.

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One of Sanrio's other recent additions is Gudetama, an extremely lazy egg who is often seen wrapped up in bacon blankets.

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